About Westlake

Jump in the driver's seat

Smart consumers look for everyday value and Westlake delivers with its uncompromising commitment to a perfect balance in their tires--performance, value, and quality.

Westlake offers an expansive line of tires that cover passenger, performance, light truck, SUV, and CUV.

Ride with confidence

Westlake tires are manufactured in state of the art facilities that have been assigned US Department of Transportation (DOT), Economic Commission of Europe (ECE), and has received ISO9000-2008 certification.

Founded in 1958, the company employs over 20,000 people and produces over 20 millions consumer tires, nearly 10 million commercial tires, over 4 million bias commercial tires, and over 80 million motorcycle and bicycle tires annually, making it one of the largest and top tire manufacturers in the world.